2014 NFL Oracle – Super Bowl Predictions

2014 NFL - Super Bowl Chances (End of Regular Season)

TeamWins Super BowlConference ChampConference Final
New England Patriots17.41%31.71%58.34%
Green Bay Packers16.53%31.54%57.01%
Seattle Seahawks16.12%31.80%61.59%
Denver Broncos15.31%28.79%55.94%
Dallas Cowboys7.35%14.87%27.95%
Indianapolis Colts5.53%11.51%24.01%
Pittsburgh Steelers4.60%9.84%21.81%
Baltimore Ravens4.45%9.62%20.81%
Arizona Cardinals4.12%9.75%23.10%
Cincinnati Bengals3.87%8.53%19.09%
Detroit Lions2.89%6.95%16.00%
Carolina Panthers1.81%5.09%14.35%
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